Faith Methodist Church Cheras

We are one of the churches in the Methodist Church of Malaysia, under the Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC).

We aim to help anyone to discover God following John Wesley’s observations in the Wesleyan Quadrilateral of experiencing God through Scripture, reason, experience and tradition.

Scripture • Discover God through His Word. God’s truth revealed, convict and transformed a person. – Reading the Bible, Devotion, etc.

Reason • Discover God by digging deeper in the God’s Word, reasoning out God’s Word and experiences in life. – Bible Studies, Theology, etc.

Experience • Discover God through our life experiences, or spiritual encounters at church/CG – God’s grace made real, worship, fasting, Word revelation, etc

Tradition • Discover God through the collective experiences and reasoning of the spiritual wisdom and practices, e.g. Holy Communion, Apostle’s Creed, theology, etc.


Our current pastor is Pastor William Kwong, who grew up in Wesley Methodist Church, KL, He studied finance and investments in University of Adelaide, Aust. and worked in a bank before answering God’s call into full time ministry as a youth worker. After 7 years in ministry, he then furthered his studies and completed with a Master of Divinity in Seminary Theology Malaysia in 2018.

Church Leaders

We have a wonderful team of church leaders of all ages and experiences who answered God’s call to be following God and doing impactful work in the church and community.

Local Church Executive Committee (LCEC) 2021

  • Chairperson – Walter Phoon
  • Lay leader – David Sng
  • Treasurer – Annabel Ng
  • Agape School – Charlene Yew
  • Christian Education – Christina Chong
  • Social Concerns – Chrystine Poh
  • Membership and Evangelism – Carey Yong
  • Missions – Yap Cheng Lim
  • Property Management – Walter Phoon
  • Stewardship and Finance – Walter Phoon
  • Worship and Music – Daniel Phoon
  • Elective Stewards – Lai Chien Li, Chong Yen Lee, Shaun Yong, Tan Cheng Kim


Office: (603) 9130 6295
(603) 9134 7221
[email protected]


32-34, Jalan Nadchatiram 1,
Taman Taynton View,
56000 Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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